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Installation Steps

1. Download and import the solution

2. Verify the plug-in "GenericRoleBasedView" has been registered on RetrieveMultiple message of saved query entity. If its not registered then download the source code, build and registered the DLL.

3. After successfully imported the solution, go to Setting -> Role Based View Setup

4. Click on New and fill the below mandatory fields value

# Name - Its a unique name to identify the record
# Entity Name - Its a entity logical name for which you are going to setup view
# Entity type code - It will be automatically populated on change of your entity logica name

5. Under the Role's View List subgrid, click on add new and enter the below attribute's value

# View Name - Its a view name which need to be display.
# Role - Select the role for which the above entered view will be display

NB : Like this you can add multiple role and its respective view to be display to the subgrid.

Please free to drop me an email if you will face any issue.

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